Difference Between Athens And Sparta

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The social construct of the Ancient Greeks and modern day United States bare many differences, as well as, the idea of freedom between the Athenians and Spartans, within the Greek culture. However, the evolution of Athenian politics to include democracy, seem to lend itself to the governmental structure of the United States today, while the feminine freedom of the Spartan women is similar to today’s female movement. Much like the America’s struggle for independence from England, Greece managed to defeat Persia only to endure its share of civil war due to differences in philosophies in lifestyle, politics, as well as the arts. One of the most prominent differences seem to lie in their definition of freedom. Just as America struggled with discrepancies in the abolition of slavery, which ultimately resulted in civil war, Greece was split into city-states because of their inability to agree on policy and lifestyle. Athens and Sparta are a prime example of city-states that experienced these differences.…show more content…
So much so, that they would remove the boys from their families at the age of seven to prepare them for a life of battle. They were educated enough to have a basic knowledge but made up for a lack of knowledge with physical strength and expertise in battle. Because of the absence of the men due to battle, the women of Sparta were in charge of day to day decisions. They were not secluded like other Greek women. In fact, they participated in physical activity just as the men in an effort to prepare them for the birth of strong Spartan soldiers, while dressing immodestly in the presence of anyone without
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