Physical Mechanization

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Not only this, the physical inactivity due to excessive mechanization resulted in to causation of a number of health problems. Machines have dominated every sphere of life whether rural or urban and whether personal or professional life. Machines have replaced the man power. Previously the works which were done manually are now done with machines. The use of machines for various pursuits has reduced the physical labour that resulted in to decrease in physical activity and lead to a sedentary lifestyle of people. The process of globalization brought with it a sea change in the work culture of people. Booming of multi-national companies brought with it a culture of long working hours at odd period of time. Also there is an increased…show more content…
Use of computer and mobile phones interfere with the healthy sleep pattern of an individual. Required amount of eight to ten hours of sleep is essential for the physical and mental health of people. Also, indoor leisure activities result in to decrease in social interaction of people that give rise to a situation of social isolation. Man is social animal and being gregarious is the basic nature of the human-beings. In present time, most of the physical and mental problems are the result of lack of interaction between the individuals. In addition to this, overpopulation, excessive use of modern gadgets, motorized vehicle, lack of public spaces in urban areas resulted into reduced physical activity among the people. The process of urbanisation and industrialisation brought with it overcrowding of the urban spaces and polluted environment as a result of heavy vehicular traffic. The pollutants emitted by these industries and motor vehicles are the big cause of breathing, lung, heart problems and…show more content…
The statistics show that lifestyle related diseases are increasing at an alarming rate at national and international level. These diseases have direct relationship with behavior risk factors such as unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, harmful use of alcohol, and tobacco use. Thus the people with these behavior risk factors are at higher risk of suffering from lifestyle related diseases. These diseases are penetrating every section and strata of society. WHO (2005a) states that eighty percent of cardiovascular diseases, stroke and diabetes and more than forty percent of cancers are preventable by observing a healthy

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