Propaganda In 1984 Essay

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1984 is a novel written by George Orwell in the late 1940’s, the book is set in a dystopia where we meet our protagonist named Winston Smith, Winston lives in a society where no one can be trusted, thinking is considered a violation by law, camera-like devices, are placed in rooms to observe people’s every movements, speakers listen in on people’s conversations and little things such as a person’s breathing, and spies are hiding in every direction. The government dictates the daily lives of the citizens through the use of technology and economic control and the government also has absolute power. This is called totalitarianism, totalitarianism is a concept used by some political scientist in which the state holds total authority over the society…show more content…
In 1984 people are punished if the try to rebel against Big Brother much like people were punished if they tried to revolt against Hitler. Another example of the direct parallels within the societies is the use of propaganda, in the book there is extensive use of propaganda supporting Big Bother, Hitler and Stalin would use propaganda to promote whatever they where doing and making the people of their country believe they were doing the right thing, much like they did in Oceania. They would also use posters as propaganda, in 1984 the posters played a big role and were difficult to avoid, much like they played a role in Germany and the Soviet Union.In the novel the telescreens played a massive role in how the people of Oceania would get their news, it was a source of communication, the nazis would promote their views in films making it easier for people to get the information. An other allusion would be the use of the youth league, the youth league was a group of children that would turn in adults that were turning to rebel against Big Bother, and report thought crime and thought-criminals. Hitler used children as well, they were known as ‘Hitler’s

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