Ethical Issues In Criminal Justice

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The ultimate role of the Criminal Justice system is to maintain social control over possible instances of chaos, being a deterrent and to mitigate crime, and impose punishments on an individual who has failed to obey rules that have been established. More and more today there are continually growing issues in the Criminal Justice field. Of the countless issues that need some close attention, those that I deem necessary of a dire need of immediate attention include the disparity in the treatment of that of a police officer who has been involved in a fatality versus someone who has been involved in a fatality who is not related to law enforcement. Secondly, marijuana has been legalized in many states. However, individuals having those charges have yet to have them vacated. In situations that involve police officers who have killed someone the process of handling the matter is tremendously different from an individual of that community who has committed the same offense. People can recall accounts that they have been made aware of from hearing about it from a friend, seeing it on their television, and or have had a personal account where they have witnessed the unimaginable unfold right in front of their…show more content…
It only makes sense for the necessary steps to be taken by the individuals that have the power to ensure these minor offenses are vacated. Major of states and city officials have the ability and authority to see that this happens in a timely manner.The main factor in all of this is that an individual was convicted of some wrong doing. This could be a result of actions that occurred by their own admission, a feeling of being wrongfully convicted, and or a result of having an ineffective
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