The Pros And Cons Of Crime

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We are in a society where showing love and compassion to people you do not know makes you soft. Or asking for help because you are in need is paralleled to being weak or feeble. Murder is not a light subject and should not be treated as such. The amount of resources that are used to investigate them are a lot. I do not believe that as children no one wants to grow up and become a murderer. There are thousands of ways in which someone may lose their life. Some examples being; weirdly falling out of the bed, a terminal illness, a car accident, suicide, even “Kodokushi" Japanese for the “lonely death”, in which someone dies alone with there remains not being found for a long time. But of all these deaths I feel that the worse wait to die, is by the hands of another human being. It is unimaginable that someone is willing to believe that their life is more valuable than someone else’s.…show more content…
But the oldest crime would have to be murder. While there are a lot of reasons why people feels it is okay to commit murder, when they are tried and convicted, there is almost always a crazy motive behind the act. One of the main defenses for murder in a trial if it is not self-defense, the it is not guilty by reason of insanity. Murder is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. The list as to why people commit murder is extensive. Anger, jealousy, revenge, and fear are at the of the list of why murders are committed. In this paper I will be talking about the cases of Kriti O’Pry (O’Pry) and Charles Martin (Martin). Upon waking up Friday, July 19th,1996 Opry had no idea that she would not wake up to see the next day. July 19th, not having a car of her own, Kristi had errands that she needed to be taken care
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