Case Study: Ethical Issues In Criminal Justice

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Case Study 1 University of Baltimore Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice Mishawn Smith Professor Patrick Hughes October 6, 2017 The Department of Defense is demonstrating proactive measures to ensure that federal employees are aware of the consequences if they choose to violate rules and regulations that are in place to ensure that protocol is followed and integrity is demonstrated. Although ethics should be common sense, some employees struggle with their own beliefs and bending the rules to suit themselves. I agree that the Department of Defense is on the right path by using examples that display lack of integrity. As individuals we learn differently. Some people are comfortable with just reading, others need visual…show more content…
Ethics and integrity should not change from the private to public sector. Having accountability and ensuring that you are making ethical decisions and guarding your behavior as an employee should be the same across the board on both sides of the public and private sector. However, public scrutiny can be far much worse for a government employee because a government workers job responsibility is to serve the public. Most government employees depending on their rank and role may or may not receive the pay and/or the benefits that a private sector employee would receive from their employer. Although it is important and ethical for employees on both sides to display ethical behavior a government employee is held to higher standards due to the consequences of their actions having more of a domino effect, that can lead to public scrutiny and embarrassment. An example of this would be an employee from a private sector using gift cards to purchase items verses a government employee committing the same act. While we may not really hear of a private sector employee, manager, director or even CEO doing this in the media, it is very possible to hear this type of behavior being debated and reported on news stations if it were a government employee. Residents and news media are still discussing, Baltimore Mayor, Sheila Dixon misusing gift cards for her own personal gain. Some say this…show more content…
Another I would list would be providing organizations discount codes to individuals that are not employees of the organization and utilizing the company vehicle for errands that are not related to work. My final unethical behavior would be pulling applications to hire friends and family. If someone is qualified for the position they should go through all the proper interviews and tests as everyone else to ensure that they are the most qualified candidate for the

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