Defense Attorney Ethical Dilemmas

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In truth, the United States is at the beginning of a long overdue reform of ethics in the criminal justice field. In today’s society, ethics play a huge role in the way that the criminal justice system works in America. Ethics does an important role when dealing with Terrorism. It is important to know that there are specific ethical considerations that need to be addressed within the field of criminal justice. Ethics governs the way a person deal with people, influences your decision-making and affect the way you interpret the law. The first consideration that needs to be considered is the role of the defense attorney in someone’s case. The defense attorney must represent their client fairly. Defense attorneys have an ethical responsibility…show more content…
Too often physical evidence has been mishandled, manipulated, and misinterpreted, which has caused destruction to many criminal cases and the lives of many innocent individuals. If an investigator, improperly mishandles evidence then he or she is jeopardizing the prosecution case. This can either have an innocent person sent to prison or can get a guilty person set free back in society. I would believe that the prosecution would be damaging his or her case by all the unethical issues in the case. It wouldn’t make sense for a prosecutor to embarrass himself or the court. This would definitely violate the defendant’s sixth amendment right to a fair trial. The Brady violation is the failure to turn over favorable evidence to the defendant. It's the most common form of misconduct cited by courts in overturning convictions. The Brady violation refers to the 50-year-old Supreme Court decision in Brady v. Maryland, which required prosecutors to divulge information, like deals made with state's witnesses, crime scene evidence that could be tested for DNA, information that could discredit a state's witness and portions of police reports that could be favorable to the defendant. The wayward prosecution can also be violating the defendant’s civil

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