Noble Cause Corruption In Law Enforcement

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Many people in today’s society have developed a sour taste for the criminal justice system, and more specifically the law enforcement community. This is understandable, considering the amount of negativity surrounding police, police policy, and police practice. “Federal, state and local law-enforcement officers have enormous latitude. They can lie to suspects, play them off against each other, pretend to have evidence they don't have” (2008) all in the interest of solving the case. This type of police investigation is adds of the negative opinion that the public houses against the professionals that serve within the law enforcement community, but how is this type of practice bad? “Officers often lie to suspects about witnesses and evidence,…show more content…
“So policing consists of a diverse range of activities and roles the fundamental aim or goal of which is the securing of moral rights, namely those enshrined in the criminal law; but it is nevertheless a profession which inescapably deploys methods which are harmful, methods which are normally considered to be morally wrong.” (Miller, 1996) Police officers tend to see bending of the rules for the greater good as acceptable rather than defined as misconduct or as corruption. They can rationalize such behavior as part of the job they were paid to do and are what the public wants. It is seen by some, a desire to get the criminals off the streets, regardless of the means employed. Their focus is on getting the criminals off the streets. All police officers committed to achieving good outcomes, would, at some point in their careers, encounter situations where good ends could not be resolved totally following the restrictions placed upon them by the law. Periods of putting in an honest effort only to be thwarted by the laws and justice system that they are charged with upholding would discourage the average person, let alone an emotionally strained law enforcement officer. The means of evening the playing field to present a crime free jurisdiction, in this case, is married to law enforcement bending the rules in their favor against those who disregard them all together. The culture of even policing promotes the idea that the police are special for their righteous effort to fight crime. This unique brotherhood/sisterhood helps foster togetherness and loyalty. Being totally committed to each other allows police officers to excuse brother officers when they make mistakes or intentionally bend the law. It is a testament to the entire

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