Holocaust Argumentative Essay

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Neo Nazi's wanted to parade and protest against Jews in the heart of Toronto. Neo Nazism consists of post world war 2 political movement desiring to bring back Nazi beliefs such as killing all Jews. While this group of Neo Nazi's claim they have the right to protest due to their right of freedom of speech, this act goes against section 318 and 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code and infringes section 2 of The Canadian Charter of rights. Therefore, it is evident that what they are doing is hate speech and should not be allowed. Since protesting against the Jewish community goes against Section 318 and 319 of the Criminal Code and violates section 2 of the Canadian Charter, the Neo Nazi's should not be allowed to protest. In Canada, a hate crime…show more content…
Most countries deem Nazis as evil and even in Germany, where the Nazi party was found, it is illegal to identify as a Nazi and even to deny the holocaust. Nazism still exists in the west today, but the majority of people through out history and now view Nazism as disgusting and abhorrent. Philosophers have never spoken about Nazism since it did not exist at the time they were alive. It can be a bit difficult to know what they would think of this issue. Aristotle believed that the law makes people good and has a moral purpose. This is correlated to the issue since its sections 318 and 319 of the criminal code, which is a law, keeping us safe and makes people good natured. Therefore, Aristotle would probably agree that if you go against that law, which the Neo Nazis want to do, would make you a bad person. Therefore, the conclusion can be drawn that Aristotle would agree that they do not have the right to protest. Socrates never wrote anything down, he often spoke in public defying popular views. But, he did believe that true justice lies in obeying the law. If true justice lies in obeying the law, then it is unjust for the Nazi's to parade and protest against Jews since that is

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