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Your Son is Deceased is a story about police shooting. Rachel Aviv investigates links between police illegal action and poor merit of hiring in law enforcement department. At first police brutally killed civilians, and then misbehaved and badly treated parents of victims. It is the basic right of family of victims to ask police about extra-judicial killings. But the story reveals that police department ignored any of such requests. This report reveals horrible information about extrajudicial killings of the civilians. Five years prior to killing of Christopher the Albuquerque Police Department shot thirty-eight civilians. More than half were suffering from mental illness. In Albuquerque, a city of five hundred and…show more content…
As in a story police asserted that the man, who was shot dead by police, was actually “suspected” of stealing and “ran away” an “fired” in their direction, so in response to that police officers took action. But, what action they took? They have to arrest the person alive at any cost; if situation was difficult in handling then they could wound him by shooting his legs or arms etc. It is not a logical justification of killing any civilian on suspicion of stealing. Albuquerque police department reach on top for civilians shooting and cruelty. The most threatening information about police is that such actions are carried out against minorities or middle and lower class residents. These acts are totally racial and ethnic, so it is necessary to take departmental action against police and should satisfy minority community. Sadly, the day following the shooting of Christopher, Apodaca went to the workplace of a legal advisor, a Christopher’s family friend, and let him know that she had seen her neighbor's demise. While she was there, the attorney called an officer he knew in the police division, and let him know that there was a witness to Christopher Torres' shooting. But unfortunately no one called her to record her statement. It seems that it is strange for them to charge any police officer for such homicide…show more content…
The police department is a heaven for deterioration of ethical principles through illegal activities, misbehave, favoritism and through abusing authority. It is because the nature of police work can leads them to do so. So in these cases if there is no judicial action against them then the whole department is labeled as corrupt and violent. However, we must also acknowledge the sincere and upright police officers. The problem is that citizens stress over shielding themselves from crime, it has now been demonstrated that they have to similarly worry about the protectors and service providers. Law enforcement agencies have the duty to remove fear from public and protect them from criminals but if they themselves prone to do injustice then what can a public do? Due to these problems people stood against the system as a whole and create anarchy on a large

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