Ethical Ethics Of Computer Ethics

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COMPUTER ETHICS Ethics deals with placing a “value” on acts according to whether they are “good” or “bad”. Every society has its rules about whether certain acts are ethical or not. These rules have been established as a result of consensus in society and are often written into laws. When computers first began to be used in society at large, the absence of ethical standards about their use and related issues caused some problems. However, as their use became widespread in every facet of our lives, discussions in computer ethics resulted in some kind of a consensus. Today, many of these rules have been formulated as laws, either national or international. Computer crimes and computer fraud are now common terms. There are laws against them,…show more content…
Computer ethics falls in the area of normative ethics that is the quest for the practical truth of how one’s choices and actions will be good and worthwhile. 7.4.1 UNETHICAL ISSUES OF COMPUTER ETHICS Computers and the Internet have given society as a whole vast accessibility and power to do much that was previously impossible. Surfing the Internet is only one such example of the many activities available through the computer. While education and communication have been facilitated, not everything about computers is positive. In fact, they harbor many unethical uses that are becoming increasingly available to the general public. Software Piracy Many people do not realize the severity of software piracy, or the impact it has on software creators and distributors. When you purchase a copy of a software program, you are effectively buying a license to use it, for individual use only. Software piracy, despite no tangible product being involved, is stealing. If you make copies of the program, regardless of whether you sell it or give it away, it is a felony and punishable by…show more content…
Reasons may be different from different engineers, who involved in weapon technology. Following are the examples of weapons technology. 1. Antipersonnel bombs- this bombs covers the area equal to the ten football ground. Steel and plastic uses for manufacturing. 2. Rony is the specialist in missile control and guidance. He is proud of his job. 3. Rohit works in one the finest laser laboratories because he likes physical electronics. 4. Deepak background and advanced degrees in engineering physics gave him ready entry into nuclear bomb development. 7.6 ENGINEERS AS MANAGERS • In any professionals, engineers undergo the intensive technical training. Most of the organization prefers engineers as managers. Because the engineers technical understanding is essential to managing technological corporations. Other reason is easy to teach. • The engineers easily understand the business side of corporate work than the non- technical persons. Other parameter which any organization consider

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