Pros And Cons Of Ethical Hacking

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The first time was used the term "hacker", it described a person who liked to understand computers and all its capabilities, not just the minimum knowledge needed to use it. Nowadays the term has taken a negative connotation in spite of it was positive. Most people see hackers as villains who have one goal in life, namely to invade their computers and steal everything they find. The first hacking attempts were actually tiny jokes without any malicious intent and merely to arouse laughter. Over time, these jokes have become serious problems in some systems security. As these malicious activities were becoming increasingly frequent and popular media used the term "hacker" to describe cyber criminal perpetrator instead. Thus hackers have become…show more content…
The difference makes the first legal plan can not be found. The main aim of cybercriminals is to cause as much damage a man, a company and a steal as much information as beneficial for him. The goal is a professional ethical hacker. He is hired by a company to test security in order to be ready for future attacks. We can say that it is a preventive measure. Another major difference between the two camps is that cybercrime needs to test the system until he finds one that breach them meet goals while ethical hacker must test the system for all existing security breaches to time. Just so it can say that the system is perfectly secure when that time it was…show more content…
This sharing of information accumulated over time is the main fear is that when an employer is thinking of contacting an ethical hacker. In terms of time, we must distance ourselves from what we see in movies. Hackers ethics require time, effort and patience to do the work and working at full capacity. While in the movies all the hacking activity is done in seconds, minutes, in real life things tend to occupy much time can take several days, sometimes even a week. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise or new to be treated with maximum care and so it takes even longer. It adds a necessary period for studying each system, checks before starting the actual act of ethical hacking. It is much easier to become a cyber criminal than an ethical hacker. Anyone can learn techniques penetration systems and applications. It is much harder to know them all and to know how to combat them all. Thus the job of a hacker ethic is very heavy, he must study in detail all the activities that we undertake a cyber criminal. He also must learn and be able to predict how it will operate a cyber criminal and how many ways you can stop him before he could act, or while

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