Man Without Technology Essay

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Man seems to depend for his technology due to the new epoch of globalisation. A hundred years, cars were owned by the lords who could afford and they were the symbol of prosperity. Fifty years ago, colour television became an increasing trend and it had taken the world by storm. Ten years ago, mobile phone have enabled communication between people to become faster and more efficient. Nowadays, ever an impecunious guy could also own himself a simple TV set or a pair of mobile phones. We always wonder how our grandparents could live without any modern inventions. Yet, if it was possible for children to amuse themselves with simple card games or even attempt to play hide-and-seek at the playground. Generally speaking, it is necessary for us to meet and interact with others by using those gadgets, from laptop to the internet. We even depend on cars, planes and ships whereas we enjoyed long journeys to…show more content…
Computers began as machines to help in tedious mathematical calculations. Even every home is filled with all sorts of modern comforts, such as refrigerator, air-conditioner, television, microwave and so on, which makes our life more cheerful and pleasant. With the advances of technology, it brought human out of the Dark Age of superstition. Then again, the creativity of a man make the world now a village. We can travel from Malaysia to New York City within days to have such an efficient transport system. Human tends to create more technology due to provide the best solution to life’s problems. If not for technology development, it would not led to the age of industrialisation. Whereas no many could afford cars and televisions as they would be so expansive to produce that there are only a few who have the capability of making them out. Hence, it is true that people’s dependence on technology has really affected the creativity with the many
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