The Pros And Cons Of Life Without Trust

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Have you ever wondered what happens to the information that you put into the Internet? For example when you click like on the page of your favorite singer on Facebook, or when you enter your debit card number after winning an auction on Ebay. Where does that information go? Who can see it? These questions have crossed the minds of millions of online users, but most of us simple brush the thought aside and hope it gets sucked into some kind of an imaginary Internet black hole. That the government and corporations use your every like, Google Search, and Check-In to perform market studies and gather information without your consent or knowledge. Houston, we have a problem; a big ethical problem. Only the people we want to share all of this precious…show more content…
Trust includes being honest and having integrity. It’s almost impossible to live a social, happy life without being able to trust and confide in other people. When corporations and the government use our information without our consent for external purposes, which is exactly what they are doing. Not only do they violate our trust, but also they violate our privacy. Take for instance, “in 2006, a Harvard-based research group gathered information from 1,700 college Facebook users in order to study their interests and friendships over time” (Boyd, 2011). This data was released to the world “anonymously allowing researchers analyze and explore them in their fields. But data can be easily manipulated, and researchers realized quickly that they could bypass the security and retrieve the user’s names and more. Not only is it compromising the privacy of the students but also it is damaging their human dignity. Consumers cannot be seen as numbers or statistics, they are human beings that deserve the right to publish what they want and share things with their close acquaintances without having to worry about who can steal that information to spy on them. We as users have the right to autonomy. We have the right to be independent and free to do what we

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