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Cell phones have become ubiquitous in this technologically advanced era because of the benefits they offer such as faster communication, quick access to information from the internet, and use in the emergency situations. In addition, they support several other services such as messaging, gaming, business functions, and photography (Acharya et al.). Indeed, research has revealed that the mobile devices also show good potential as learning tools in the classroom and the informal settings (Sung et al.). With the cell phones conferring multiple benefits and becoming more available and affordable worldwide, about 70 percent of the world population is estimated to use these devices today (Acharya et al.). However, researchers warn that the excessive use of the cell phones may pose a risk to the human health, both in the short term and the long term. Although there is no indisputable evidence proving the dangers of using the cell phones, studies show that the overuse of the mobile devices can cause numerous problems ranging from the less severe issues such as body aches, irritability, and reduced concentration to the more serious ones such as nerve disorders, brain cancer and the increased possibility of vehicle accidents. Why Cell Phones Can Cause Unfavourable Health Effects The cell phones are known to release radiofrequency energy, which…show more content…
Research has estimated that the possibility of a traffic mishap rises by three to four times when driving while using a mobile phone, primarily because the device diverts the attention of the driver. In addition, if the mobile phones are placed near certain medical devices such as the hearing aids and the pacemakers, they may interfere with the functioning of the latter. Also, as these gadgets disturb the aircraft signals, the passengers using their handsets during the flight potentially compromise the safety of everyone aboard

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