The Pros And Cons Of Computer Programming

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Abstract This paper is all about the unethical action of a programmer who used a computer program when he was working with his previous employer. It is evident that he violated some of the provisions provided in the Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics. To be specific, he used other people's computer resources without the owner's permission and authorization. In relation to the case, the computer program which he created no longer belonged to him because he was paid for it. As such, he has no right to use it in his new work under a rival company. Also, the programmer disrespected his former employer when he chose to work for its rival company. The programmer could also be guilty of violating the non-compete clauses if he joined another company…show more content…
Hence, computer usage is common and popular and programmers possibly have higher compensation for the work they render. This is because every industry uses computer to ensure that companies are able to operate efficiently and effectively and that they remain to be competitive with the new business trends worldwide. Aside from that, computer programming can be performed almost anywhere so long as a person carries with him a laptop with an Internet access [1]. If a certain computer programmer loses his job, he does not need to worry because many employers are after his services. There will always be demand for computer programmers considering that the society sees computing technology as vital in humanity's everyday activity and productivity [1]. However, computer programmers must also abide with certain code of ethics in their field of work. Just like any working environment, it is important that computer programmers are able to perform their jobs without abusing other people’s rights. For the purposes of this paper, the unethical action of the computer programmer will be discussed, as well as the ethical issues

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