Little Pretzel Lady

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The Little Pretzel Lady story is about how a young lady and her older brother attempt to raise the money to offer some assistance with parent with mortgage, however the children need to relinquish their weekends to work at pretzel stand. And to deal, to manage troublesome children picking at the young lady however at last the young lady learn about about diligent work, independent,and collaboration. After reading “ The Little Pretzel Lady” by Sara Price by I felt sad. First, I felt dismal on the grounds that Sara's dad was harmed on his employment, bringing on the family serious money related hardship. Sara and her older brother's knew they needed to find employments, so they conversed with the neighborhood pretzel stand and approached on the off chance that they could…show more content…
Since they were so diligent, the merchant at last consented to give them a chance to begin work the next Saturday. For his graciousness Sara and her brother concurred to work dependably for the following three years, getting one-third of the aggregate deals. The primary day of work, Tom the merchant, touched base with three hundred pretzels. He set up the stand and guidelines to offer every pretzel for a quarter and five for a dollar. Subsequent to offering their three hundred pretzels, Sara and her brother earned ten dollars each. Another reason I felt sad is since youngsters can be cruel. Sara turned into the objective of mortification by her cohorts. A large portion of the young men called her dreadful names and hassled her with the expectation of free pretzels. It was to a great degree humiliating for Sara as she stood like a powerless homeless person in the city. She was decided not to surrender in light of the fact that she had a family that required backing, and a three year guarantee to satisfy. At long last, despite the fact that I felt miserable for Sara, I additionally see this entirety experience taught Sara values. In spite of

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