What Were They Hunted In The Colonial Period?

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Turkey, moose, deer, fish, rabbit, skunk raccoon, swan, and duck. What do all of these have in common? They are all animals, but more importantly, they were all hunted in the colonial period. Today we will look at hunting in the colonial period. First we will look a weapon that was used to hunt in this time. Then we will look at what was hunted, and finally we will look at the additional uses of the animals they hunted. First, let's look at a weapon that was used to hunt. The Colonial period started in 1607 when Jamestown was formed. The early settlers use a gun called the Matchlock musket. This gun functioned by pouring a small amount of gunpowder into the pan of the musket. additional powder was poured down the barrel of the musket and a led musket ball was placed in the muzzle. A burning piece of rope, called match, was used to ignite the powder in the and fire the gun.…show more content…
As I mentioned in the earlier, numerous amounts of animals were hunted, from birds to deer to fish and even whales. Just about any animal the English could find, was hunted. There were a large amount of deer and turkey in the colonial period making these some of the most commonly hunted animals. Although we use a lot of the same animals today that the settlers used for food, the type that the settlers hunted were much bigger. For example, the average turkey weighed about 60 pounds, while average turkeys today weigh only 11 to 24 pounds. Also turkey was not as plentiful as you might expect. There were large amounts of turkeys, but only for a short period of time. In Jamestown and Virginia turkeys only stayed for a short time and became more and more rare to

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