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I personally really enjoy seeing positive outcomes of my accomplishments, and both occupations as an athletic trainer and a psychologist both seem to give this fulfilment in heart and also fit in with parts of my abilities and personality. Human body and mind have always fascinated me by what they can do and how they work. I often tried to figure out why an injury hurts a certain way when I saw others get injured, or when I got injured myself. Likewise, when I saw an expressed reaction of a person to a particular happening, or when I felt a certain emotion within myself reacting to an action done or word spoken by somebody, I thought deeper into it, thinking what causes those kinds of reaction to come out of a person. These things that I do…show more content…
In that sense, the career as an athletic trainer seems to fit me. Further on in my life, I want to be a person who is helping others, needed and wanted by others, and appreciated by others for the work and effort I do and show. I value being able to join a community and also being able to enjoy the work and the duty that I am given to do. Wealth, which many people in this world put a high value in sometimes, attracts me, but most times I am satisfied with having just enough to live and sustain a normal life. I also think that being considerate of others and thinking of how they would feel about an action before actually acting it is important. This is partly why everyone has asked me for a massage in the ACSC tournament in Hong Kong. When I massage others, I first think how that certain spot that I am massaging would feel on my own back and shoulders. When serving others with willingness, I like to do it through the most of my capabilities and all that I can sacrifice with. These interests, capabilities, characteristics, and values all seem to match more with the job of an athletic trainer than a

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