Essay On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Every year colleges make multiple millions of dollars on athletic events, but none of the athletes see the money personally. These athletes should not be getting paid like a pro, but they shouldn’t be called “armature,” they are at the next level. They should at least get an allowance of some sort, so they can have some spending money. Yes, these students do get scholarships and most of them get their schooling paid for, but the money they raise just for playing their sport, some of that should go to the athletes. They shouldn’t get paid what a “professionals” gets paid, no, but an allowance can go far. If not an allowance then they should receive profits of merchandising. Merchandising makes a large portion of the money these colleges are making. Their own…show more content…
Between all those student athletes they produce millions and millions of dollars each year, yet no one sees any of it. It’s not that they should be getting paid like a pro, because if they did then colleges wouldn’t be making that much money anymore. College athletes are considered next level athletes. “A good place to start is to make the sport scholarship a full scholarship (Smith, 1). By going to college on a scholarship they get a free education, that’s priceless. These athletes can’t even accept sponsorship deals or any other publicity pays. The NCAA believes that a scholarship is an ample award, and invaluable to a student. The crème de la crème of the college athletes is shortening the gap between the professionals. These athletes spend about sixty hours of practice a week and often get in debt with their scholarships. College athletes have it rougher than professionals; they should get some percentage of the money. They have to balance school and practice. Pros get paid to make the team look good and to bring fame to the team, college athletes do the same for their
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