Why I Cheerleading Is Worth My Failure

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It's blood sweat and tears. Its bruises sprains and even broken noses (I have one) Its years of hard work and training. It's knowing there is no success in the end without of pain. Its going again fifteen times after the “last time”. It's going your breaking point and yet being able to push passed it. Its not being able to walk for days after one practice. It's dancing until you can't breathe and tumbling until you're dizzy and legs feel like jello . It's the hardest “ not a sport” sports with one of the highest injury statistics. Its cheerleading and I love every minute of it. This is my story about why I cheer even though so many disagree with it. I do it because to me it's my escape, because it's worth it and it's my passion even though…show more content…
It destroys your body. It takes up your year and all your free time just for a totally of two minutes and thirty seconds. Is it worth it? Heck yes. Those few mintues my seems like nothing to you but they are the world to me. Til I walk off, run off, or am carried off those minutes are worth it all. If I end up in dead last for first place those few minutes are still worth it all. If our routine fall embarrassingly apart or hits outstandingly perfect those few minutes are still worth it. That's why I give everything and and my all while competing or just doing a performance. That's why even if i'm in pain my smile won't fade away because those few minutes are my few minutes and some day I won't have those few minutes anymore ( aging out ) and realize that those minutes meant the absolute world to be to me. So I make those few minutes worth it all of their time. I make it worth the judges time, my parents who support me in my journey and for the little girl in the crowd who one day wishes to be in my position because that little girl use to be me. But most importantly I compete for myself. To show myself and everyone who said I couldn't that I can hit a perfect

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