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The French and Indian war, or sometimes referred to as the seven year war, took place from the year 1754 and continued on until 1764, just prior to the American Revolution. The French and Indian war was reported to be one of the goriest wars that took place during the 18th century. A total of about 25,000 men were either injured or killed in the matter of seven years. People lost family members, homes, possessions and hope (Hist.State.Gov). The French who were allies with the Indians fought against the British for land in the regions of the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi river, from the Great lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, known as the Ohio Country Valley (Hist.State.Gov). This war consisted of various battles between the French and…show more content…
Although the British reportedly having 1500 men and 200 Mohawk Indians the French are well armed with 2800 men and 700 allied Indians. Johnson had received information that the French were moving in from the rear. While William Johnson moved his men back to south bay , French commander Dieskau aware of the British tactics began to set up ambush along tree about three miles from lake George. The British men marched right in between the Frenches trap during the battle Baron Dieskau was shot and injured which required to French to back off. Aggressively the British saw this as the perfect time to push the French back through the field and capture the French commander. The battle of Lake George was a blood battle with the aftermath of 250 to 350 killed solders for the British and while the French had roughly 600 killed and wounded total (Hickman, French & Indian War: Battle of Lake George). It was a terrible loss for the French and the British were ready for war. After successfully defeating the French at Lake George the British declared war on the French on May, 20th, 1756. The fighting between the French and Americans troops in the New World Lasted for a year before anyone decided to declare war on each other

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