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Anne Bradstreet: The Implausible Woman Of the many implausible Puritan writers of the 1600’s, who made a significant mark on literature, Anne Bradstreet is one whom is found to be quite complex. She lived during a time when people’s beliefs and religion was their top priority. Most of the authors of this time wrote about their religious beliefs, however not only did Bradstreet’s poems consist of her thoughts on religion, but they also spoke of her personal life. The purpose of this research paper is to inform those that her poems not only exhibit her Puritan thoughts, but also are mainly derived from her personal life events. Through Bradstreet’s poems, “Some Verses Upon the Burning of Our House,” “Before the Birth of one of Her Children,” and, “In Memory of My Dear Grandchild,” Bradstreet reveals how her works were impacted by not only her religion…show more content…
Furey goes on to write that, “The poem’s interest in this mix of freedom and compulsion is all the stronger if the capitalization of Lot (“thy Lot to lose thy friend”) brings to mind the biblical character who figures the problem of longing for those left behind (for Lot hesitated as he left Sodom, urged forward by angels who told him not to look back [Gen. 19:16– 17])” (pg 206-207). It can be concluded that many of Bradstreet’s works evoked both her life and her God. After reading much about Anne Bradstreet, it has been found that every one of her poems are either about her, or something that has happened during her life. Though it appears that she had a successful life and career, she lived a very saddened and troublesome life. Rosemary Laughlin states that Bradstreet’s true passion is her family. “The common denominator of her later poets is evident to the most casual reader; it is the subject matter, the identification of herself and her family” (Laughlin 2). Laughlin even refers to Bradstreet as a personal poet (pg 2

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