Ancient Egypt Women's Rights

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Women's rights in ancient Egypt were much better than in any other ancient civilization. They were much more independent and were able to do more of what they wanted. They had just about as much rights as men. It was a great place for women to live in. Women's rights in Sumer were not as good, but still better than some other civilizations. Women's rights in ancient Egypt were greater than other ancient civilizations. Women were allowed to buy and sell lands, they also had ownership rights. They were able to work outside of their home to get money. They had rights to inherit a third of their families land.They had the rights to sign contracts, they were also able to be sued or they could sue other people. Women could witness legal documents and therefore could be jury witnesses.…show more content…
If you just looked at ancient Egypt's rights, you may think the status of women in ancient civilizations was pretty good but that was not the case. In ancient Persia it was made obvious boys were preferred. In most ancient societies women were not treated well or with respect. Women were put down and were made to look bad. They did not have many job opportunities and the jobs that they did have were not very good jobs. From all these facts it shows women's rights were restricted. Woman in Sumer had rights. There rights varied based on their social status, for instance royal women had power but commen women did not. “Royal women can learn to read and write where women of a lower social status had the job of child rearing and running the household.” Women that were rich and privileged were able to go to school to learn but women who were poor could not. Women that were wealthy could take care of there own money. Just like women in ancient Egypt. Sumerian women could inherit land and own land. Women that owned land had the rights to sell and buy crops for their
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