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nment & Peer Assessment. A. A world view is how people inspect the world they live in and is not the physical view of the world but it is a philosophical view about the world. The world view can be influenced by religion, science, people we associate ourselves with, books that we read, thoughts and theories of other people, culture and what we believe to be accurate. According to Barry (2017) A worldview is made up of the beliefs about what is real and important. It is our beliefs about the unseen – the spiritual, the philosophical, and valuable. Our worldview will determine how we interpret our lives and the world around us. It shapes how we think about everything. My world view is based on materialism and that the universe always existed and it will never end my world view is against theism. I believe that the universe wasn’t created by any god since there’s no enough evidence that the universe was created by gods besides referring to the bible which we are not sure about the authors that they wrote what they thought, they were guided by the Holy Spirit or they wrote what they dreamt which means people…show more content…
For example leaners who are not under the religion of Muslims if they want to be part of a high school that follows the Muslims religion they are supposed to follow the Muslims religion. So without following religions in schools leaners can get more opportunities to go to any school that they want to attend. Girls they can get their right to dress the way they want as long as it doesn’t offend anyone, for example girls they are not allowed to wear trousers at schools and only to find out that not every girl she’s comfortable with warring skirts to school, since leaners they are judged at school based on their religion my worldview will end this type of discrimination, leaners they won’t be judged based on their religions anymore.

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