Ethical Issues In The Movie WALL-E

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In this essay, I will briefly provide a summary of the WALL-E movie and I then reflect mainly on the ethical issues and the possible causes that could have led to the insurmountable waste problem. I will argue that the main causes that could have led to the waste crisis were the growing industrial life, economic globalization and economic inequality. The primary ethical issues would be the worldview expressed by capitalist societies and globalization. I will outline a few of the metaphors and the symbolism displayed in the movie and then I discuss the values implied in the movie, as well as provide insight as to how movies, films and media influence our worldviews, our moral formation, our behaviours and our identities. I will argue that there…show more content…
musical film) playing in the background. It is the year, 2810, 700 years since humans have left the earth and WALL-E (a solar-powered trash compactor robot) is busy cleaning-up, what looks like New York City, because of the resemblance of Time Square. As he is travelling around the city, one notices that the company Buy ‘N Large (BNL), owns everything, even WALL-E, the robot is a product of BNL. As WALL-E continues to travel round the city, it is clear that he is not the only ‘WALL-E’ robot that was made; however he is the only WALL-E robot that is still functioning. WALL-E passes by a BNL Times Newspaper and as one reads the headline, the destitute, rundown, situation on earth becomes clear: “TOO MUCH TRASH!!! EARTH COVERED: BNL CEO DECLARES GLOBAL EMERGENCY.” WALL-E passes by an advert from BNL’s CEO with a solution to the problem on earth: “because at BNL space is the final frontier!” The plan was for the human population to leave the earth on BNL star liners and while the population was travelling in space, with 24-hour service provided by robots, ‘WALL-E’ robots would clean up the mess on earth and within 5 years, everyone could return to a New

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