This Is Water David Foster Analysis

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In the story this is water by David Foster Wallace, david discusses a supermarket scenario in which everyone around is in the way which shows the default of thinking a person is the center of the universe. After reading the story it is easy to see how when somebody would look at the generation today, the more they would start to notice that the people around them think they are the center of today's society. In today’s world there are billions of not just children but young adults and adults who think they are the center of attention. Going out in public anybody may see and realize how many people there are out there that think they are the only ones that matter. People like that are either selfish, confident, or rude towards others. When a…show more content…
When reading the story people may start thinking how that comes off a little rude. People throughout the world today are very rude. When looking at society today other than back when there was not much technology people were nicer and more caring of other people and not always so focused on themselves. As technology kept getting bigger and more out there that is when people started to notice the change in today’s society. Technology today people post about how someone did something they did not like, how someone cut them off while driving, or how someone made them mad and they call them names that is the stuff you see today and which is rude. Being rude to people will not change anything, it will only cause more problems then what someone may have started with. When people are rude to others and the other people see what someone is saying about them on social media or hearing someone talk about them behind their backs. The people will either take matters into their own hands and do something no one will like only because they are tired of being pushed around and bullied. When a person is rude it does not do any good to that person or anybody they enter act
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