The New Age Worldview: Movie Analysis

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BAALD Essay (New Age) The New Age worldview is a loosely structured network of individuals and organizations who share a vision of a new age of enlightenment and harmony and who subscribe to a common “worldview.”New Agers believe God is everything, and everything is a part of God. With this belief comes the idea that everything, in essence, is spiritual. The common worldview is based on monism, pantheism and mysticism. Monism is the belief that all is one, pantheism is the belief that all is God, and mysticism is having the experience of oneness with the divine. The movie “Lucy,” released in 2014, is an ingenious example of a New Age worldview. As the main character, Lucy, utilizes more of her cerebral capacity, she develops extraordinary mental and paranormal abilities, which brings her closer to universal consciousness. In the ending scene, Lucy has reached full universal consciousness, therefore—as New Agers believe—she has been enlightened and has reached true divinity; she has become everything, and everything has become her. As Lucy is going through her changes, Professor Norman says to her, “We humans are more concerned with having…show more content…
In Deuteronomy 4:35, 2 Samuel 7:22, 1 Kings 8:60, 1 Chronicles 17:20, and in various places in the Bible, it is said that the Lord, our God, is the one and only God. Therefore, if there is only one God, how can the New Age worldview be adequate? Another could argue that if New Agers believe that each individual is divine and virtually every mindset and action is justified, then the difference between what is right and wrong would be difficult to determine. For instance, if two New Age believers are debating over an issue, a meeting of the minds may never occur since both parties believe their arguments are justified. Although the New Age worldview is contradictory, Christians can take away the notion that if we focus on being one with the God, we will live a more fulfilled

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