Porter's Five Forces Model

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Given the importance of having a valid strategy to organizations that defines their distinctive approach to compete, win and thrive in certain environment, we will conduct a strategic assessment report using Porter’s Five forces tool which analyzes the real estate industry in Egypt where Ma’aly function, and to evaluate Ma’aly’s position in the marketplace regarding its products and services, then we will propose two strategies that will provide a blueprint to strengthen Ma’aly’s position, mitigate risks, address areas for improvement, sustain a strong financial position, and move the organization forward to new accomplishments. Company’s Description Ma’aly is a national for profit holding real estate investment organization, whose business…show more content…
• We are honest with our communications, transparent in all our actions • We build trust-based relationships with our stakeholders • We treat every one with respect. • We do not compromise our values and stand for what we believe in. Human Development: • We are passionate about our people and believe in their capabilities. • We are employer of choice with equal opportunities. • We continuously strive to provide our employee with the conditions that enable them to have a decent standards of living, • We cultivate a positive culture of inclusion built on resonant relationship, trust and respect that unleash them to flourish and be their best. • We expand their knowledge with education, coaching, and training. • We encourage creativity and innovations. • We guide our employee through their career path. • We motivate and inspire them to reach their potential. • We focus on being the employer of choice, and maintain a very low employees turnover.…show more content…
Ma’aly is following this approach to avoid the criticism of the agency theory; which is the separation between management and ownership. On the other hand, it is also avoiding the conflict of interest criticism of the major shareholders management to organizations by not involving the major shareholder of 51% ownership of the organization in the management. In other words, the minority owners are the executive management of the organization, which will facilitate implementing the strategic changes successfully. Thus, those minority owners represent the BOD of the subsidiaries. Moreover, the most experienced one of them in a certain subsidiary filed is the managing director of this subsidiary who will make sure to share the vision of the shareholders and BOD and cascade it to the rest of the

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