Biblical Worldview: The Book Of Romans

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This course of Biblical Worldview has certainly helped shape my ever growing theological view on life. On this final assignment, I plan to take all that I have learned throughout this course and put my biblical worldview to the test. I want to discuss in this essay, exactly what the Apostle Paul’s epic epistle The Book of Romans teaches about many different aspects of the world and how it has affected my worldview. Most importantly in this essay, we will discuss what Romans 1 – 8 teaches regarding the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture. We will begin this journey with the discussion of The Book of Romans and the natural world. I would like to start off by saying that I truly believe that the Bible is the fallible…show more content…
To truly understand how the Book of Romans relates to culture, I had to ask myself on this question, what is consistent in every culture? It was then that I stumbled onto the ever uncomfortable topic of death. Death is a massive reality in all cultures, and in Romans Chapter 5 verses 12 – 21, what we see is Paul discussing Adam and how his disobedience brought sin and death to mankind which is truly tragic when you think about it. Every since that moment in the Garden of Eden, man’s culture was completely and always in hostility with God because God hates sin. Nothing will ever change our status as sinners because as stated earlier, we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God thanks to Adam. However, Paul does not leave all hope out when discussing how Adam helped introduce mankind to death, but he also spoke about how Jesus Christ and his obedience which brought righteousness and life. Because of our Savior Jesus Christ and his compliance at the cross, this portion of Romans helps individuals deal with death and even provides hope in the face of death. Yes, we are sinners who will one day die and there is nothing we can do to stop this from happening; the best we can do is believe in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice so that we may be reconciled with God through His precious…show more content…
I have been bolstered in seeing the factual circumstance of not only humankind, but as well as myself. We are all truthfully in need of Jesus and his Redemptive labor on the cross. There is nothing that we can do or offer to create a way for our own righteousness. I was once under the postulation that people needed salvation because of some sin, they were executing at the time, but reading Romans helped me to grasp that transgression itself is a state we are born into and it’s a stench we can’t atone for devoid of the Blood of Jesus Christ. This sinful state if not acknowledged can keep people from appreciating the original principle of cherished fellowship and spiritual union that God has had for his beloved children from the beginning. God in His never-ending mercy and devoted compassion for His children has accoutered a means of which we can be restored back into fellowship with Him. Although it is clear to me that Christians still and always will struggle with sin, it is even clearer that humans are still righteousness with God through Jesus Christ. Once we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, the chains of sin are loosened and sin is no longer our taskmaster, but Jesus comes in to reside in us and becomes our

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