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My Personal Worldview, This is an interesting assignment as I had never sat down and thought about my beliefs in quite this way. I know I have firm convictions, but I had never actually articulated what they were. I found to my surprise that my beliefs are quite simple. I have three main beliefs which are: that I believe in God, that certain laws are necessary, and that people should always follow the Golden Rule. My view on religion is first and foremost that I believe in God. Additionally, God created the world, and then he created man in his image. Unfortunately, man sinned and introduced death, both physical and spiritual, into the world. I know that God sent his only son, born of the Virgin Mary, as our savior. In my view, Jesus died…show more content…
At least, here you can worship whom you choose, love whom you choose, and go where you choose with fear of punishment. I may not agree with other people’s choices, but they have an inalienable right to their choice. The Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the constitution, is the basis on which our government is founded and guarantees those rights. Our founding fathers were religious and did include the freedom of speech, worship, and press as the first amendment. I agree with these tenets if they do not infringe on someone else’s rights. For instance, take free speech which is a wonderful thing, but if someone’s free speech is ugly or hateful to another person, then I believe that they need censoring. It is my strong belief that the government needs to stay out of people’s personal lives as much as they can. Now certain laws are necessary to enforce certain morals, especially the ones regarding murder, rape, child abuse, among others. There is no question that these types of laws are essential, but enacting laws telling people how to worship and whom to love is going too far. I may not agree with other people’s choices, but I do not think I am qualified to tell them how to live their life, just as I would not permit any person to tell me how to live

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