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The two frameworks that are presented in chapter four and five in the textbook Diversity Perspectives for Social Work Practice are ethic- sensitive social work practice framework and world view frame work. Chapter four categorizes people on ethnic reality. For example an ethnic reality may be that a women should do all the housework and men should work. People with an ethnic reality have a set way that they think things should be carried out. There thinking is very hard to deviate from because they were raised that way. Meaning they have been taught to act a certain way and follow certain rules their whole life. “Those apart of an ethnic reality have feelings, beliefs, and actions that are deeply ingrained in areas such as child-rearing, sexuality gender roles, and…show more content…
42) Ethnic reality is very important because it is a factor to how we make decisions and view the world. Worldview framework is how a person views the world. “World view is a shared perception of the world” (Anderson & Carter, 2003, p. 48) Ethnic if a person travels their worldview can change because they experience something new rather is a culture, race or just a different environment. Worldview is important because it relates to a person social well-being. If a person has a negative worldview about most of the world they probably will not reach the level of social well being that they could have if they had s positive worldview. These two frameworks are similar because they both are built off culture, tradition and society. They both reflect how a person views the world around them. I would use both of these ideas when working with a group of people. If I am have a group therapy I would use these frameworks because I have to understand that everyone has a different worldview and a different ethical worldview. Using this these frameworks can influence a belief change because it can help a person understand a situation and make them feel

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