Group Participation In Group Reflection

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The client was an active participant during group sessions; the client participated in group discussions, completed written assignments and journal entries. The client appeared to value information; this was on several occasions when the client appeared to take notes on course material presented. The client communicated with the group facilitator in regards to her transportation needs. On 03-13, the client asked the group facilitator to transport her to and from group on 03-14. During transportation on 03-14, the client reported that her car was in the shop; the client reported that her vehicle had been vandalized. The client stated, “They popped my tires, smashed by windows with a Hennessey bottle and poured water into my gas tank.” The group facilitator asked the client if she had reported this incident to the…show more content…
The client reported that she had used course concepts from group to express herself appropriately during her most recent FTM. The group facilitator encouraged the client to continue practicing her communication skills by using I-statements and following the “12 Rules for Fair Fighting.” The group facilitator inquired about recommendations given to the client by her FCW, in order to demonstrate progress before her court hearing. The client implied that she was told by her FCW, that due to her case being open for a significant amount of time, that there was no progress to be made on the client’s behalf. The client reported that the FCW did not provide her with specific action steps. On 03-21, the client reported that she was currently unemployed. Client’s Overall Participation in Services: The client attended 9 out of 10 sessions offered. The client arrived to group on time and communicated with the group facilitator in regards to anticipated participation and transportation

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