Simone De Beauvoir's View On Feminism

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Gender Equality (An analysis of Simone De Beauvoir’s view on feminism.) What is your view on feminism? Simone De Beauvoir has always had a positive reference to her early years and her work was inspired by contrasting morals of her parents. She was educated in a private institute and her mother was very religious, so she was very shocked when Simone declared herself and atheist. She went on the pass in philosophy and has written many works. Simone De Beauvoir talked a lot about how people have been put in social castes. A social caste is things being separated from others by distinctions of hereditary rank, profession, or wealth. In the Britannica Encyclopedia it talks about social castes in a biological way, “In biology, a subset of individuals…show more content…
Women have never been in a stronger position to change, shape, and lead anything. Have you ever looked around and seen how many CEO’s of a company are male, how many editors are male, also when has the president of the United States ever been female? That’s right it has never happened, men are just naturally good leaders. Just like Beauvoir states in her essay, “The antifeminists obtain from the study of history two contradictory arguments: 1) women have never created anything great: 2) the situation of women has never prevented the glowering of great feminine personalities.” This is what people say, women haven’t done anything yet, however, we haven’t really been given the opportunity to show and create something spectacular yet. The men are retaining all the power to themselves because they feel they must be in control of every situation. A reporter name Lynn Monty who worked for the Burlington Free Press, he went to Saint Michaels College to receive his education to become a reporter. He wrote an article called, We Still have to Forge Ahead, in it he states, “I wrote it to change policy for families around work. Feminism says you are free to reach your full potential in life, so we went on to be doctors and lawyers and leaders, but what we failed to take a look at was how hard it is. For men and women alike, holding higher positions…show more content…
Women and men do not have equal access to and control over resources such as money, transport and time, and because their decision-making power within the family is unequal. Since the men are hardworking and earning the money, they have more control over where the money goes, also they pay the bills for cars and planes. The men have more right because it is their money that we are spending. Simone De Beauvoir says that, “Things are quite otherwise for the woman worker or employee, the secretary, the saleswomen, all of whom go to work outside the home. It is much more difficult for them to combine their employment with household duties.” Men expect the women to have their baby, then stay home and take care of them day in and day out while they go to work, then come home and relax because they have had a hard day. Women are not expected to get a job, they are expected to be a mother and take care of the children. Just as Muhamad Solahudin Ramli has stated, “Some men, unfortunately, fail to appreciate women's worth and their important roles in everyone's life. This makes women victims of violence, harassment, abuse, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination… Women are worth more than their beauty and decency. They are to be adored, respected and protected by men. In this case, mothers are the perfect example. They have been our "cheerleaders", who have always supported and

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