Failure Leads To Success Essay

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Failure Leads to Success Failure is defined as not being able to fully complete a given task. Success, however, is the antonym due to the fact that success is when you can fully complete a given task. Winston Churchill once said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Even though some might say failure does not lead to success because failure could lead to worse possible scenarios, I agree with Winston Churchill that failure leads to success because people learn from their mistakes and because failure is a useful start for starting something new. To begin with, failing helps people learn from the mistakes they made. For example, if you took a test in math and failed, you would learn from those faults…show more content…
For instance, I was playing a new game my dad bought me a week ago and on the first mission, I was killed by a swordsman with a shield. What happened was, I was being too predictable, the boss I was attempting to kill memorized my moves and counterattacked. Due to my multiple attempts to kill this one boss, I learned a one thing from my blunders. One, do not be predictable or chance of death increases since the enemy will counter recurring attacks. Not only was it just that one boss, it was all of them who could thwart my attacks. Thanks to my numerous fails against this boss, I was confident in saying that the easiest way to kill the enemies was to use a variety of combos and to use my surroundings to my advantage. In addition to that, this essay is a perfect example of failure being a good first step to succeeding. The essay that was given is supposed to help us pass the SOL coming up in March. If we were to fail, then we would learn where I went wrong in the essay and how to correct it for future writing assignments. However, even though failure in these situations is usually very helpful as it provides a learning experience, it can also be problematic for you to fail, as it creates unfavorable affairs. For starters, in the game I was playing, each time I died, my armor would be damaged and I would lose all my collected loot; some of that loot was legendary items that I wanted reforged into exotics. On top of

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