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Nick Baboolal Mr.Vickery ENG4U0-B October,6th,2014 Striving for happiness: The obstacles in the way of achieving true happiness Throughout the lives of most individuals, they attempt to find true happiness. In order to find true happiness, these individuals must overcome the presented obstacles to obtain their desired goal. This theme can be seen in the Simpsons episode Rosebud, poem “Somnambulist”, by Heron Jones, and the essay, “How not to get into college” by Alfie Kohn. While examining the works referenced, it can be seen how individuals are faced with an obstacle, reach their nadir, and finally overcome this obstacle in order to obtain their true happiness. Throughout one's journey for success they are faced with obstacles;…show more content…
In the episode Rosebud, Mr. Burns is seen at his nadir when he gives advice to a toddler carrying his beloved teddy bear. Burns says, “Hang onto that bear. Do not make the same mistake I did.”(Rosebud). In this quotation, it shows the fact that Burns has officially accepted that he lost his bear to a toddler; therefore, this shows him reaching his nadir as he believes his quest to find happiness has ended. Ultimately, in the poem, “Somnambulist”, the worker reaches his nadir also. This can be seen when he says, “ Dreamin' another's dream, so I silently curse” (line 9). In this quotation, it explains how this individual has now accepted that he is living in order to fulfill another man's dream; While helplessly doing nothing but silently cursing. This individual reaches his nadir as he just accepts the fact that he will be living another man’s dream instead of striving to find happiness. Comparatively, in the essay students reach their nadir when stress starts to make a large impact. This is seen when the author says, “Many of them have been desperately unhappy, filled with anxiety, and self-doubt. Some may have eating disorder, substance abuse problems, and even suicidal thoughts.”(How not to get into college). In this quotation it shows the toll stress has taken on the students. This stressed has impacted students in a large way, even putting their life at danger; therefore, students are found at their nadir as larger problems start to occur such as their health which may impact getting good grades. Thus, leaving students in despair and feelings as if achieving good grades and health is extremely

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