Alternativ Alternatives Case Study

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1. (A) What are alternatives? Alternatives are the raw material of decision making. They represent the range of potential choices you’ll have for pursuing your objectives. There are two important points that should be kept in mind at all times. First, you can never choose an alternative you haven’t considered. Second, no matter how many alternatives you have, your chosen alternative can be no better than the best of the lot. 1. (B) Why is it so important to consider them when making decisions? Good solutions are not possible without good alternatives. Therefore, is it important to consider alternatives because they reflect substantially different approaches to the problem or different priorities across objectives; present us with real options and choices. 2. Explain in one paragraph why it is so important NOT to "Box Yourself in With Limited…show more content…
It is important not to “box yourself in with limited alternatives” because people tend to assume they know their objectives (even when they don’t), so they assume they know the options open to them. Too many decisions, as a result, are made from an overly narrow or poorly constructed set of alternatives. 3. (A) Why is it so important to challenge constraints that limit your alternatives? Many decision problems have constraints the limit your alternatives. However, with creativity, you often find ways around real constraints. To ensure that you examine all viable alternatives, your need to break free from the straitjackets of tradition and habit by trying to assume that a constraint doesn’t exist. That way, it will allow you to create alternatives that reflect its absence. If the resulting alternatives are attractive enough, then you can figure out how to make it feasible. 3. (B) Cite an example of a time when you had to challenge the constraints that limited your

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