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Abby Alishio ESS 102 Science Fiction Paper 2/16/18 (Title) The moment I wake up, nothing seems different from all the previous mornings that I had gone through during school. The sun is smiling down upon the pristine spring dew with nothing to say except good morning and have a great day. At the start of my morning among many other mornings, I am the only one who knows that the pressure is on like never before. I roll out of bed with the quiet thought of the final exam which is happening today--the pinnacle of what I have been working towards the past four years. The nerves have not yet penetrated my bubble of denial which has muffled the reality of the daunting task ahead, which could either send me right back to regular mornings or present changes that will forever affect the direction of my life. I look in the mirror…show more content…
I make my way over to the hangar finally and see my professors, mentors and fellow students. The engines are on and my heart rate goes on the ride of its life. I look at Will in the eye and he gives me a wink. It’s the last thing I see before closing my eyes as the shuttle gives thrust of nearly eight million pounds. The shuttle, travelling at 29, 000 kilometers per hour barely gives me time to take a full deep breath. There are multiple compartments and before I know it we have released the solid rocket boosters. The fastest three minutes of my life are over. My eyes open reluctantly to see my crew staring in wonder through the windows. Earth’s atmosphere stares back at us, about 3.5 billion years old. From here, all 480 kilometers of it is an invisible blanket, but it seems entirely possible to reach out of the window and brush my fingers through the highest layer of the atmosphere--the exosphere-- the same way a canoe plays with the water. No number of recordings and photographs of space that I have seen could have ever prepared me for the beauty that is not only earth, but also the

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