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The Holy Grail is a mystery kept at the centre of Arthurian myth, for it’s transcendence signifies a supernatural glory worth seeking. Authors' esoteric representations of the Grail invite only those initiated to discover it's secrets of the supernatural. In this essay, I will examine how the representation of the supernatural in Chretien de Troyes' The Story of the Grail and Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival uncovers mystery, religious contemplation and self-reflection in the respective romantic heroes. The Holy Grail is globally known as an element of the Arthurian tradition; a cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Super and held his blood after the crucifixion. Legends reveal that the Grail lays hidden in a magic castle and only a knight…show more content…
The Hermit describes the Grail of having heavily paranormal and religious Manning 4 connotations by characterizing divine rebirth, he states, “ By that stone's power the phoenix burns away, turning to ashes, yet those ashes bring it back to life.” The Hermit declares the stone's immortal power, “Such power does the stone bestow upon man that his flesh and bone immediately acquire youth.” (195) The Hermit tells Parzival of the Grail maidens and Grail knights which guard the Grail and most notably, The Grail King, Anfortas, who is of higher power and due to the Grail's heavenly faculty cannot die, however he is wounded in the groin due to sexual impurities. The Hermit then speaks of a translucently white dove, that comes down from Heaven to the Grail and leaves a small white wafer. The dove is the mirror image of the Grail because the dove provides everlasting life, grace and virtue. Parzival's time with the Hermit leads further to his own spiritual understanding. Wolfram finishes the account of Parzival off with Parzival succeeding, as Chretien de Troyes nodded that he would prevail in his incomplete, previous…show more content…
Barber discusses “...the Grail's newly established fame as the defining moment of the supernatural aspect of Arthurian romance.” (190) in his book, The Holy Grail: Imagination and Belief. This is relevant due to the onslaught of the Grail's concepts, quests and motive's featured repeatedly in the text and media of current times. A story filled with unworldly themes of immortality and miracles complimented by the renewal of hope and a relationship with God is one that people still love to re imagine and discover due to these timeless aspects. The true origins of the Grail in text lack concrete and agreed upon findings. Juliette Wood suggests, "The supposed secrecy allows superficial similarities to be taken as evidence and the Manning 5 conspiratorial fog means that criticism is regarded as conformation that vaguely sinister forces are trying to prevent some secret from getting out." (227) This mystery allows authors the artistic freedom to explore the supernatural and pick up where Chretien de Troyes left off with his unfinished text. The supernatural is described as something above and beyond nature, which is exactly what the Holy Grail represents in Arthurian tradition. Some Arthurian scholars

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