Penetration In Natsuo Kirino's Out

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Penetration, sexual or violent, of the body is a very intimate act. It involves an opening of the body to an outside presence (eg., a penis or a knife). Natsuo Kirino’s Out contains a scene in which Satake and Masako engage in a very violent and sexual struggle involving penetration with both a penis and a scalpel. The finale of the second season of Hannibal, “Mizumono,” contains a similar scene wherein Hannibal Lector stabs Will Graham with a linoleum knife, while simultaneously embracing him. By examining the characters and situations in these two scenes, one can find some commonality between each penetration, but a distinct difference in the motivation that drives each character to penetrate another: the difference between lust murder and…show more content…
A brief struggle ensues, but Satake manages to subdue Masako and carry her into an abandoned factory. After she wakes up and escapes from him into the darkness of the factory, Masako asks Satake why he is doing this to her; he responds by telling her, “I’m not sure myself” (Kirino 385). Masako suggests that it is because he likes her. Satake is then able to capture Masako and, after tearing some of her clothes off, restrain her with rope. He then rapes her, but is disappointed with the…show more content…
Although Masako may not achieve sexual satisfaction from murder, she becomes aware that something darker has awoken within her while watching Satake die. She tells him, “I understand you now . . . I see that we’re the same” (398). Seaman suggests, “Masako’s ability to defeat her rapist raises the possibility of escaping the physical and psychological boundaries that he embodies” (213). I would argue that the defeat does not exactly grant her an escape, rather it allows her to embrace the side of herself that Satake has awoken. In fact, Masako and Satake discuss the

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