Personal Narrative-Irony Doesn T Work

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There have been many times in my life where at the time I have never noticed that I was not living in the moment. Some examples of when I did this was at many different concerts I attended such as the Chris Brown concert I went to this summer. I was extremely concerned with taking SnapChat videos of every song the artist was playing, just so I could show all my friends. With doing this, I took myself away from the concert, and I was not able to enjoy it in person. Why did I find it important to make sure my friends got to see what I was doing? The sad thing is that only a small number of people saw my videos. I subconsciously removed myself from the concert to take videos to post on social media. Burnett’s example of the college kids at the party discussed how they were too busy tweeting about where they were…show more content…
I did the same thing by not enjoying the moment I was in. Instead I spent it sending SnapChats, hoping people would be interested in my post. Another writer that connects with Wampole and her idea of hipster irony is Michlee Filgate. In her article “Comment Sections Are Brilliant and Extremely Relevant: Christy Wampole on the Awfulness of Facebook, the Utility of “Think Pieces” and Why You Might Be Reading the Internet Wrong” Filgate speaks more in detail to Wampole about her essays. In the article the two discuss how Wampole writes her essays as a way to vent. She does not believe that her opinions are more important than someone else’s. In fact, she believes that everyone should be writing down his or her opinions because everyone deserves to be heard. The two writers also discuss Wampoles idea of “The Great American Irony Binge.” This idea illustrates how people being able to comment on posts on the Internet makes them feel like they have a voice. Wampole also discusses that in the future she hopes the American Dream will shift gears

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