Hypnopaedic Techniques In A Brave New World

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A Brave New World by Aldus Huxley Summary A Brave New World is a world where every one is created by means of a factory, the ‘Bokanovsky’ and ‘Podsnap’ processes which allows the factory to produced human embryos. This all happens at the Central London Hatching and Conditioning Centre. There the embryos are made and conditioned to become certain human beings when they grow up. Namely; Epsilon, Delta, Gamma, Beta and Alpha. The Alphas are made and conditioned to become the superior humans, with the Epsilons being made and conditioned to do menial jobs that involve more physical labour. This is where the novel begins, it begins with the Director of the Hatchery and one of his employees giving a tour around the factory to a group of boys. The tour goes past a nursery where young Deltas are being conditioned to dislike books and flowers, this is to make sure they don’t have a thirst for knowledge and comply with a system of consumerism. It is explained that “hypnopaedic” techniques are used to teach infants the morals of the world state. Outside the tour passes by a group of children engaging in sexual games, which in turn creates humans in the world state that place no value in emotions, relationships or fascinations. They supress their feelings by taking what can be described as opium, called soma. Next we hear one…show more content…
Bernard becomes very popular as he is the guardian of the Savage(John). John becomes increasingly upset with the World State the more he sees of it, he still feels attracted to Lenina but does not act on it because of his values, this then confuses Lenina as no one has ever denied her of having sex when they were attracted to her. This makes Lenina obsessed with John, leading to her trying to seduce him which only sends him into a frenzy, which doesn’t hep when he finds out his mother is about to die at the hospital for

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