Chicano Education Research Paper

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Racism and the belief of cultural superiority were and are still major issues in the United States of America. It has in the past, and will continue in the future to influence many decisions made by many people in the different departments and sections of the government as well as on the communities and social life. The education sector was not exceptional; there have been many cases of inequality and biases in education concerning belief in cultural superiority and racism in the past. This essay will use an example of the history of Chicano education in the United States to show how the belief in cultural superiority and racism influenced education in the area, not only against Mexican Americans but also in different ways towards the different…show more content…
Chicano movement had three main objectives; to fight for re-establishment of the land grants, appeal for their farm workers, and to get equal admission to empowerment through politics and education. The movement protested against the exploitation and the oppression of the Mexican American farm workers who moved throughout the United States due to crop seasons. Because of these constant changes, children could not settle down into every school they had to go to and hence their education was limited compared to other children who settled and would get a quality education. These children faced a serious issue that impacted their education as well as their social development, etc. Also, the farmers were exposed to health hazard pesticides and other harsh conditions such as the scotching sun. United States is the most cosmopolitan country inhabited by people all over the world (Coon, & Kemmelmeier, 2001). The movement has led to harmonization of the culture and beliefs of the migrants for the purpose of a cohesive relationship. However, in the study of the Chicano culture, various cultural practices originated from the

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