Digital Communication Disadvantages

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The era of digital communication has become very fast. The information can be transferred within no time. As these are some benefits of digital communication there are some demerits also. We the human, cannot ignore such drawbacks. The life has totally encircled with the communication. Also the confidential data are used to transfer over the internet which provides a scope for the malicious user who are intended to receive the secret data. There are also some techniques to hide the data. Such as cryptography, stegnography, visual cryptography and watermarking. A. Background There are lot of technologies come into existence which provide security and keep the data confidential. But there are such intruders who attack despite of preventive…show more content…
It can be written in the form as (2 ≤ k ≤ n).in the visual secret sharing scheme secret image is converted into the number of shares which can be expressed as ( n, n) it means that there are total n number of shares and to recover the secret image n number of shares are required. Here even if ( n-1 ) shares will be unable to recover the image. The image is first of all encrypted by the visual cryptography using the natural visual secret sharing scheme (NVSS) then we cover the secret image using any printed image or any content such as photographs, portraits, landscape, hand-printed, scenery and…show more content…
APPLY VISUAL CRYPTOGRAPHY The main part of this paper is to create the shares by using the visual cryptography. The shares are created in such a way that one share will contain the data and the other share will contain the face image. So that even if one share is retrieved no information is going to leak. The user should posses with the both shares either of them is of no use. 5. APPLY STEGNOGRAPHY The stegnography is applied over the confidential image as well as the face image so that they get hidden in it and to get it back one require to de-stegnography it. The process of the stegnography shuffles the pixels in the image according to the stegnography key. After applying the same key one can de-stegnography the image. 6. SELECT DESTINATION The destination is selected by means of user’s email id so that sender can send the data to the as many user he can. Sender has to send only share one to the user and share two to the server. So that each of the user will posses with the single share on the basis of the primary authentication. Always the share two has to be send to the server and also retrieved from the server on the basis of the face recognition. 7. SEND SHARE TO

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