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Criteria A The movie In Time was Directed and written by Andrew Niccol in 2011. The movies main premise is that in the future humans are now engineered to stop aging at 25 year and given one more year to live. In this universe time has now a double value as it is used economically to make exchanges but it also represent the time till your death. As a result society have been divided groups, some live with minimum wages which puts them every day in the brink of death, but also a small group of people who get to live forever and live in the highest of luxuries. Which makes it a question, how is the movie In Time, a reflection of the life’s of American citizens in respect to their socioeconomic status of the United States between 2010-2016?. To…show more content…
When Will finds Borel, Borel happily and half drunk tells Will that the man has one hundred year some alien to the ghetto where people never have more than a week's time. Before much longer we meet one of the products of poverty, gangs and crime. Fortis the gang leader challenges Henry Hamilton to a fight for all his time. He manages to escape with the help of Willis, and they hide in an abandoned warehouse. Henry explains to Will that everything in this world is design for people to keep dying by running out of time, in a way of populations control, if this didn't happen that way overpopulation would become a problem and there dead makes it possible for it to be immortal people. Henry then informs Will that in fact there exists enough time for everyone alive to live a joyful life that nobody should die early if time was distributed among all the people. Next morning Will wakes up and looks at his wrist clock, preoccupied by how much time he has left but notices that he is carrying now a century instead of the usual couple of hours. He looks for Henry but he isn’t anywhere in sight, he look over the window and sees Henry is about to leap of a bridge. Will hurries to aid Henry, but it’s quickly explained that Henry gave him the time on purpose and he can do whatever he wants with

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