The Holocaust's Importance Of The Holocaust

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Seth Burket Professor Wilfong English 101 February 8, 2018 The Holocaust’s Importance Today World War 2 as we know it was the most devastating war of the 20th century itself. Countless people died because one man decided to take it upon himself to exterminate a religion along with its people. Why did Adolph Hitler decide to make the extermination of the Jewish people one of his man objectives during the war? Well, it wasn’t till after World War I that Hitler decided that he would blame the Jewish for the loss of the war. He began by spreading several amounts propaganda all around Germany. It wasn’t till Hitler was elected as the leader of Germany that he began to set his plan into action. Hitler finally convinced most…show more content…
The Jewish people were slow striped away from everything they owned and who they were. According to the article, “First, Jews were stripped of their citizenship and forbidden from marrying non-Jews. In later years, they were expelled from non-Jewish schools, evicted from homes with Aryan landlords, and stripped of any credentials for practicing medicine or law” (“Events throughout the Holocaust”). Jewish people had very tight restrictions when it came to certain activities during their day-to-day living. They weren’t allowed to sell newspapers on the street and were not even allowed to take public transportation. Jewish people had to also walk around with specific ID’s and papers stating they were Jewish. Even in some parts of Europe they to wear the Star of David on their sleeves to help them be easily identified by German soldiers. This went on for several years during the…show more content…
The Nazi’s were being pushed back by the Western Allies from one-side and Russia on other. So they decide in one last ditch effort they would try and eradicate every last Jewish citizen before they would surrender the war. According to the article, “When the Nazis implemented the Final Solution, Jews were moved from the ghettos to concentration camps where they faced forced labor or death in the gas chamber. Forced labor was often minimally productive and essentially designed to work and starve the laborers to death.” (“Events throughout the Holocaust”) By the end of the war Hitler finally committed suicide, the German army was final pushed back to Berlin, and the allies had finally taken most of Europe after they finally surrendered. The total amount of Jewish people killed by the end of Holocaust was almost over 6 million. The Holocaust itself was considered a mass

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