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Someone who motivates me, no doubt, no further thought, not a flinch further, probably the easiest question someone has ever asked me. My mother. This may sound cliché, but it’s a fact. Someone so loving, so strict, yet so motivating. From the moment my eyes took its first glance and probably even way before that, she’s been there for me, nurturing me till date despite my endless mistakes. She showers me with her ever lasting love even though I may come off as argumentative towards her and maybe even haven’t been the best person I could be towards her, no matter how much I keep failing to fulfil my duties as a daughter towards her. Today while writing this essay, I asked her how anyone could be so giving without receiving anything in return, without asking for anything in return. She then told me, I was the motivator in her life, to wake up every morning, to work hard, just to see me happy. She believes her children are the greatest blessing from God. Motivation is a powerful influence in one’s life, once you have a…show more content…
Whenever Im not in the best of moods, she sends me her words of wisdom and motivation for me to get through my day. She tells me from right and from wrong. Today I am where I am because of her. Even when I have scored nearly full marks on my exams, tests or anything in life, she says “ I know you have done your best, and I know you can do better”, she says she knows I have the potential to do better even when I have scored the maximum. Its these words of encouragement that keeps me going. That’s more than just an expectation and confidence, its motivation to me to want to do better for her. She makes me realise full marks isn’t the limit, I can and will do better than that. She appreciates my achievements and rewards me for them. Whenever I achieve something, she rewards me something that I like or bring me to somewhere I want to

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