Essay On The Immune System

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Immune system is all about the maintenance of the human bodies health, where a group of organs, tissues and cells work together to keep the human body safe. The immune system is protecting its human body by different types of threats that come through the body like multiple types of Viruses, Parasites, Fungus and Bacteria, which are only seen by microscope. The lymphatic is a network of tissues and organs that work together to help the human body get rid of the toxins, wastes and several other unwanted invaders. If a body has blood that contains both red and white cells, and are found in the lymphatic system they are considered to be white cells called the “leukocyte”, which are the most important cells in the Immune System. Therefore, the…show more content…
There are two types of invaders, a invader that’s harmless that only stays on the top of the skin surface and other invader which is considered harmful that causes illness when it enters the body. Antigen is introduced to the body, triggers the production of “Antibody” by the immune system that will kill it because it’s recognized as the foreign invader. Antibodies generated by “lymph” also recognized as the ‘B-cell’ help when each cell lookout for germs, and when they do arrive, cells start to create more antibodies which starts the process of killing those germs. Antibodies grab invaders and tag them so they can be easily noticed by white cells and be easily destroyed. Another type of “lymph” is the “T-cell” that lookout for cells in the body that occur to be hiding invaders/germs or body cells that are unusual to the normal healthy cells and destroy them. The cells in a body are labeled with a special system called the “Human Leukocyte Antigen” also known as the “HLA”. This system is to help mark any of the members of the cell of the body, and if a body notices any cell that’s not having the right mark is then notified as not being a member of the body and is right away attacked and
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