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Part A: Primark Question 1 a) According to Henry Mintzberg, there are three specific management roles suggested and they are:  Interpersonal category  Informational category  Decisional category  Inter-personal category: This category states that interpersonal should be known each other in the company or an organization by communicating with each other. Every member in the organization should be focused to know the things in organization and thereby communication with each other by sharing the information, there by using three roles Such tools are:  Figure head role  Leader role  Liaison role  So I choose to suggest myself about the Leader role in the Primark by giving an example.  Leader face the most sensitive cases in…show more content…
 Example: As I suggest myself as a manger of the Primark in order to providing certain space for the employees in the Primark so that they can share their ideas.  Technical skills:  It’s an important skill in the organization  Example: By knowing things in technical that can help the work easy and stress free in the company and they by knowing and having the better in manufacturing the product. Question 2 Well-structured problems. This is a special type of tool to know what exactly the problem is. So that the managers can solve the problems in order to clear the disturbances happening in the company. We can use two types of the decisions that can be used in the company  Programed decision: It’s a different type of role that in the company to know what to do in future by making decisions in the company .that can build up good strength for the company in the future. Example: Primark has the software tool to exchange the transaction in the company that can be an easy way for the…show more content…
Where thereby the employees can be habituated in such a way.  Example: Primark’s company has the take focus that every member that can perform their tasks for the company by knowing their tasks in the company for the responsibilities of the task that they have to perform by following the procedures.  People Focus: As the theory of humanistic perspective the people and the behavior s how the carry their attitude and how the demand is  Example: People focus on the activities by knowing the benefits of communication and by interacting makes how simple in the company  Efficiency and effectiveness: As the management science and perspective and system theory says as in terms of the managers or team leaders responsibilities for to achieve goal and objectives  Example By having the good idea in the company how the product is getting manufactured and what’s its usage and how the product is getting launched. Question

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