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Without the TV on, the dish washer running, or the speakers playing music, there is a calming quietness in my house. But every few minutes that quietness evaporates as a train rolls past taking late night travelers to their destinations. It is in those moments on the train, I think we have a strange connection with people. Normally, you don’t know anyone in the same car as you. You don’t know them, you don’t converse with them, you just each happen to have gotten in the same train car headed to the same destinations along the line. You may not have any effect on each other or even notice them in the first place but for that short period that you are linked. There are a few exceptions to this; however, for the most part we keep to ourselves or the group we are out with and don’t acknowledge the other people around us. It’s 8:11am when I got on the train at the Yale Station near my house and there are approximately 16 people in the same car as I. Hardly any people are smiling with it being the morning after a 3-day…show more content…
This time the train was mostly empty minus the two others in the car I got in. The one girl was reading a textbook with her ear buds in using the time on her way home. She and the other woman at the other end of the car each got off just a few stops later. Hard to people watch when there are no people but this brought another point to my mind. If there wasn’t any school and wasn’t any work today, this train would be filled with people going places left and right having fun and enjoying themselves. They might even be more open to conversing with one another. But so far this morning, though the weather outside was not, it was gloomy in the train and seemed like the train in the movie Spirited Away. Lifeless when people were on there and lifeless when no one was there but me. But I know for a fact that this train line isn’t always dull like

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